Watch Log: Agent Carter Episode 3


Spoilers galore in this post.

The tensions are high in this episode, with Jarvis being interrogated and Peggy finding Howard’s stolen inventions.

The episode starts with a first look at Peggy’s new housing, Griffith Hotel. One of the comedic scenes of the episode is Peggy’s blunt interactions with her neighbor’s gentleman caller. But then the gentleman caller gets her neighbor kicked out of Griffith Hotel. Is it just me or does Madam Fry reminiscent of Umbridge from Harry Potter?

It wasn’t until this episode that I remembered Chad Michael Murray is in this as Jack Thompson (only just noticed his name in the opening credits). Boy, his character can be such a jerk, but he is good at his job. That line that Sousa threw at Thompson was golden though.

Peggy’s resourceful save during Jarvis’ interrogation was bittersweet at the cost of her playing up the ditzy, airheaded image her co-workers had of her. But at least we are able to see Jarvis and Peggy bonding as he reveals he and his wife’s back story. Plus, Jarvis’ “Brooklyn” accent is hilarious.

Agent Krzeminski’s death at the end took me by surprise. The filming choices at the end concerning Krzeminski’s death was powerful and well done. The juxtaposition of the cheery song with the killing of Krzeminski and the criminal was chilling. The atmosphere at the SSR completely changed with his death.

It was comforting to watch Peggy and Angie’s friendship grow. The end scene with them completely made up for the earlier scene when Angie barged into Peggy’s room. As good as her intentions were, it felt a little overbearing and intrusive.

Episode 1 indicated that Howard and Jarvis are keeping a secret from Peggy. I wonder when we find out about it.


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