Watch Log: Agent Carter Episode 4


Spoilers, as usual.

Well, this has got to be my favorite Agent Carter episode to date, though I would have liked to see more of Jarvis.

Howard Stark is back in town, supposedly to steal back a glorified light switch from the SSR. As if. Finally, we find out the secret that he and Jarvis has been keeping, and, boy, is it a big one! Peggy has every right to be furious at Howard, and her speech was full of so much emotion.

Ethical problem aside, Howard and Peggy’sinteractions this episode were hilarious! The exasperated way Peggy shouted “Where are you now?” makes me wonder just how many times she’s had to drag him out of her neighbors’ apartments. I have also been waiting to see the scene with the food stealing, and I was not disappointed.

As much of a jerk Thompson is, he is good at his job. For a moment, I thought he had a nice side helping Sousa with the witness, but that was quickly squashed by the way he treated Peggy.

It was an unexpected shock to see Dottie take down Mr. Mink. Does she have something to do with the Leviathan?

I can’t believe it took four episodes to get a Stan Lee cameo, but still a good scene.

This show does a great job with episode endings. Peggy hiding Steve’s blood, Dottie preparing the automatic pistol, and Dooley’s typewriter producing an unknown message sends chills up the spine with suspense.


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