Watch Log: Agent Carter Episode 5

Spoilers warning.

This episode took me on quite the emotional roller coaster ride.

The episode starts off with a scene at a training school for Russian girls, which looks evil. It seems this school may eventually become the one that trains the Black Widow. We finally find out that Dottie was trained at that school, and maybe has connections with Leviathan. It seems she’s looking for something to do with Howard when she sneaks through Peggy’s stuff. She seems to look down on Peggy, with the mocking in the mirror, and the condescending smile on her face while she looks at Steve’s picture, and Peggy’s poisonous lipstick. I wonder if there’s some unknown beef between them. It’s disturbing that Dottie still handcuffs herself to the bed when she sleeps. Those poor children.

I’m glad that Peggy was finally able to go on the mission she deserves. The hilarious moment of Sousa walking in on Peggy quickly turns sour when he sees her scars, clearly recognizing her as the blonde woman from episode 1. I’m sure Sousa will do the right thing when the time comes, but I hope it doesn’t cause Peggy any more trouble than she already has on her plate.

I was ecstatic to see the Howling Commandos! They’re too precious, and obviously respect Peggy. Dum Dum is hilarious. I hope we will have more of them in the show (but I highly doubt it). Can we take a moment to appreciate how creepy the cartoon is when they first reach to school? Then, of course the show had to immediately turn the happiness of seeing the Commandos into heartbreak when Junior is killed by one of the trained girls. Not to mention, Agent Li is then killed mid-sentence while they were trying to escape.

Despite the tragedy in this episode, it was wonderful to see the character breakthrough when Thompson confides in Peggy about his Navy Cross guilt, and gives her credit for the mission in front of Chief Dooley, who commends her for her work. I hope Thompson continues to destroy his ‘women are inferior’ mindset for the rest of the series.


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