Watch Log: Agent Carter Episode 6



Another intense episode! I’m so glad there were some cute and funny Peggy and Jarvis adventures in this one.

It breaks my heart that Sousa and Thompson have to bring Peggy in. Sousa because they’re comrades who understand each other’s difficulties in the workplace. Thompson because he only just started coming around to respect Peggy. I hope the next episode delves a bit more into the emotions of Peggy’s arrest, which wasn’t really there in this episode to make way for the action.

Nevertheless, the most beautiful but heart-breaking moment is definitely when Jarvis asks what can possibly be so important that Peggy has to risk arrest to retrieve from the The Griffith, Peggy chokes, “Steve’s blood.” Haley Atwell’s acting is top-notch. In those two words, we can hear all the desperation, grief, and hurt Peggy has been covering. We finally see a crack in her strong shell and see how hurt she really is inside.

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