Pride and Prejudice – Jane Austen



Few readers have failed to be charmed by the witty andindependent spirit of Elizabeth Bennet. Her early determination to dislike Mr.Darcy – who is quite the most handsome and eligible bachelor in the whole of English literature – is a misjudgment only matched in folly by Darcy’s arrogant pride. Their first impressions give way to truer feelings in a comedy profoundly concerned with happiness and how it might be achieved.

My Thoughts – 7/10

I have actually been avoiding this book for years, despite the good reviews from multiple friends. My main motivation for reading this book now was to understand the references in the web series “The Lizzie Bennet Diaries” (link here: I actually wanted to read the book before watching the web series. However, I ended up reading about half the book, started (and finished) the web series, and then, finished the latter half of the book. Overall, I would recommend this book for those who want a taste of classic literature without getting into convoluted writing styles. Also, kudos to Jane Austen for the originality of the plot.

To be honest, I thoroughly enjoyed the book. The first half was very much like experiencing a tv drama in novel format. The novel is mainly from Lizzie’s perspective with some parts that are written from other’s perspective (e.g. Darcy). There were quite a few plot twists in the story, which kept things exciting. However, it has been a while since I last read a classic novel, so I wasn’t used to the slower pacing. Character development was apparent and natural for the main leads, Lizzie and Darcy. However, after watching the web series, I developed a much stronger connection with the characters in the web series than the novel. For one, it is much easier to sympathize and like web series’ Lydia than book Lydia. Then again, much of the connection is due to the difference in ease of communication in present-day America versus Victorian England.

I am not the biggest fan of Jane Austen’s writing style. The novel is easy to read and not overly wordy, but it doesn’t give me the rush of feelings, be it happy, touched, or sad, that I prefer in a writing style. There were a few memorable quotes. However, if you already know the plot beforehand, don’t expect to be blown away by how the plot is developed.


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